Sofa Killer light grey women lounge wear with green cuff LTU


Are you looking for something really unique? Well, you’ve hit the jackpot! SofaKiller LTU collection sports Lithuania’s greatest duke’s double cross with traditional (& handmade especially for SofaKiller) woven bands inside of it. When you wear it, you’re going to be literally carrying a piece of history and culture around with you – and you’re gonna look dope while you’re doing it. This lovely set is light grey with green accents, and it’s made from 92% cotton & 8% elastane & polyester to let your skin breathe, and to help you move freely.

Sofa Killer: made in Lithuania

You can take our loungewear size recommendations:

- XS suitable for body length 1,60m to 1,70m, EU with size 36
- S suitable for body length 1,65m to 1,75m, EU with size 38
- M suitable for body length 1,75m to 1,80m, EU with size 40
- L suitable for body length 1,80m to 1,85m, EU with size 42
- XL suitable for body length 1,80m to 1,90m, EU with size 44/46
- XXL suitable for body length 1,85m to 1,95m, EU with size 46/48